Multiple Teams · I BELIEVE!!

How early is too early to start the “I believe we will win” cheer? Bountiful fans learned it was way too early when they started the customary chant with a 3-0 lead in the FIRST set of the state championship final. Outside hitter Andreanna Mckee quickly showed the Braves and their fans that the Bees were there to win when she smashed a perfect Mecham set just past the 6 foot line for the kill. With that kill the Bountiful cheer quickly quieted and the Box Elder SWARM erupted! The first set followed suit with the Bees wining their first set against the Braves this year. The Bees never looked back, and the Braves never looked the same after the first set, after the kill by Mckee, and after their fateful miscalculation of who they though would win.

Fittingly, Mckee ended the match with another kill from a Annie Mecham set for the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! Click the link below to see when the appropriate time to start the I BELIEVE CHEER is!

I believe we just won